Finishing Is Happiness

7 Ways Big Idea Entrepreneurs Can Become Big Business Finishers

Not enough time?
Unsatisfied with your accomplishments?
Just can’t seem to do what needs to be done?

This book can help! It takes you from procrastination to prosperity. It’s the busy person’s guide to getting results! Bottom line, if you want more happiness in your life then start finishing the big ideas you started in the first place.

Learn the 7 Ways Big Entrepreneurs Can Become Big Business Finishers.

  • Understand the Dream
  • Gather Critical Details
  • Become Intuitively Decisive
  • Incorporate Deserving Delegation
  • Start with Doing
  • Avoid Dangerous Distractions

This book will break you through to the other side. Stop dreaming and start doing today with these pages of finishing best practices. Get out of overwhelm, stop worrying and start taking action today!

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About Isabel Fagan

Author of Best Selling Book and Course Creator of Finishing Is Happiness

Isabel Donadio is the founder of Talent Support Services, the majority owner of Speaker House Publishing, the best selling author of Finishing is Happiness and the winner of the 2019 TWC Most Outstanding Rising Star Award. Deserving of any “Top 30 Under 30” list Isabel specializes in supporting and promoting expert authors and speakers all over the world.

Her experience includes everything from red-carpet interviewing, event planning, social media marketing, best seller campaigning, and public speaking. The bottom line, Isabel has a talent for making her clients look good and allowing them to focus on the things they love most about their business.

This young woman has put a simple plan of action to break our goals into tasks, and accomplish the most impactful job first, then go to the next. Well worth the read.

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